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Infographic – 50 Features Every Service And Product Website Must Have

Core website feature requirements: is our finely tuned marketing powerhouse that brings our advertising services to the world.  Your website is your own opportunity to globally showcase your services (and products) to the billions of people on the Internet.  If you have a business that you want to grow, you must have a website to show people that you exist and to direct people to your own, personal location on the Internet, where they can enjoy the services that you have to offer.

It took many months for us to build, because we wanted to achieve a flexible site that could grow with its user base, and grow that user base through’s own presence!

Initial things to think about now, while you’re in the planning process to build a new website or enhance your existing website.  Ignore “frameworks” or “platforms” for the moment, and think about how you want it to look and react to people’s interactions with the site.

  • Logo suggestion:  Keep it simple, and include your website’s full name in it;
  • New subscribers:  Make it easy for people to become members of your website.  Don’t ask them too many questions; keep it simple!  Make the “Sign Up” button prominent, but not overbearing; pick a button color that grabs attention, but does not irritate the eyes.
  • Your offerings:  Make them clear, concise, and keep them “above the fold”, which is the visible webpage that people can see before they need to scroll down.

Those are but a few of the many things that you need to consider before building a tranny party page, a club advertising page, a transgender directory, or any similar site.

Here is an excellent infographic by 99MediaLab that addresses those issues and many more.  This infographic details the bulk of core requirements that you will need to create an effective services or product website.  Following this infographic will help you to meet your website visitors’ expectations.   Even if you already have your own website, we are sure that studying this infographic will help you to identify some areas where you can introduce enhancements and improvements.


Infographic - essential website design elements

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