Jaslani’s Birthday Party!

     Jaslani, Happy Birthday to You!

     Come and join us at Evolve Lounge on Friday, September 21, 2018 to celebrate Jaslani’s birthday.  The Birthday Party will be held on Jaslani’s actual birthday!  It’s a special, rare occurrence, when we have the chance to celebrate a birthday party at Susi Villa’s TPlayground Party, when the birthday falls on the date of the party!  So visit us for this unique event!

     This party has a special theme, too:  Purple and Gold.

     Birthday Presents are welcome!

     It’s going to be great fun this Friday, and we’re expecting a birthday cake, too!

     Jaslani, Susi, and the girls of TPlayground hope to see you there!


Jaslani birthday party Evolve


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