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Inspiration fostering success:, the world’s Internet authority dedicated to the support of the Transgender Community.

Inspiration for the creation of this website was sparked by the beautiful and gracious Miss Susi Villa, the Transgender Community, and its admirers and supporters.
Born in the tropics of Ecuador, Susi Villa, a male-to-female transgender individual, immigrated to the United States at age fifteen to live with her Mother, Sister, and to be united with others of her family. Five years later, she moved to Dallas, Texas, to lead her life as a female and to work for one of the world’s largest information technology corporations. After living nine years in Texas, she returned to New York City to live close to her family.
It was upon her return to the City that she discovered the nightlife of the resident Transgender Community. Soon she became a professional dancer at transgender parties and a hostess of other parties. Susi then discovered the transgender beauty pageant circuit, competing and winning the first Miss Asia NYC Beauty Pageant.
Despite a demanding schedule, Susi finds time for international business and holiday travel. Some of the destinations she has visited include London, Paris, Spain, Italy, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. It was in Pattaya, Thailand, where she represented her country of birth in the annual, prestigious, and globally recognized Miss Tiffany Universe Beauty Pageant.
Susi’s interests include featured dancing at transgender events and the promotion of her new venture, “TPlayground,” her weekly Friday party for transgender individuals, their supporters, and admirers to mingle and socialize. That social gathering represents one of Susi’s greatest efforts to support the Transgender Community. Her parties promote transgender individuals as equal contributors to society’s economic health and diversity at local and national levels. The parties also facilitate awareness of the Transgender Community among the general public, serving to curb discrimination and drawing attention to the challenges that transgender individuals face daily.
Susi Villa has created an atmosphere of comfort, acceptance, and inclusion for all; society has benefitted from her contributions, which she intends to continue and expand to elicit further positive results for the Transgender Community and the general public.